Internet Marketing Coaching, Zoapcon

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Zoapcon’s team of experienced Internet marketing coaches.  A leading digital marketing educator, Henry Lau is an author, serial entrepreneur and innovative practitioner who is credited with coining the term (and pioneering the practice) of Search Engine Optrmization (SEO) Top in Hong Kong.  His best selling internet marketing system has been used at leading business and enterprise in Hong and China.

Zoapcon's team has developed different system in emarketing including:

  1. SEO Smart Ranking system
  2. Blog Marketing System
  3. Directory Marketing System
  4. Email marketing system
  5. Web Site System

The e Marketing Coaching course will provide the coaching the knowledge of different area about the Internet Promotion of cooperate site, product, service, B2C, B2B, X2X, P2P, C2C etc....and also using free methods and tools, social media site (Facebook and Twitter), Email Marketing, Blog marketing.