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2009-12-12 11:17:13

unlocked phones; although ITU has not determined 4G level formally, but 3 kinds are awaited choose the PK between the technology however already no longer intense. Use in first business of LTENetworkDuring debutting, the state of its competitor UMB and WiMAX nots allow however hopeful. Last year the end of the year, connect a company high to announce to stop the UMB that develops its to extend a long time, and Intel just also announces, the Clearwire of WiMAX operation business that will value all the time to its no longer next has investment. Two big tycoons are in of technical respect change direction early or late, the competition of standard letting 4G has be concerned about again scarcely. In 4G times, the gradual progress direction of communication technology is centered in LTE domain, present the structure that gives diversity no longer.

   All these looks be like abrupt, not abrupt however. It is early two years ago, public figure of some equipment trade predicts to Tecent science and technology, 4G times is sure it is LTE holds the mainstream. And a of wireless communication domain senior expert also expressed same point of view, he thinks, the technology such as WiMAX has quite big difference than LTE on the maturity of industrial catenary, may be in 2-3 exits historical arena inside year, the arrival of crisis of global even economy accelerates this one process likely still.

Analytic personage pointed out another bright road for WiMAX, even if is in 4G times, wiMAX also should be not mixed surely rich of additionally two technologies weichis, can be located in surely however and public communication network is complementary, assume a government to build an important task when wireless city plans.

   Before this, ITU is deferred again to the final affirmatory Ceng Yi of 4G technology standard, because each country rights and interests balances be caused by hard,be considered as.

The market decides a technology — LTE agrees into operation business first selection

   Actually, the gradual progress direction of communication technology, remain come by telegraphic operation business of dominant. Core chip business develops which technology, want to see the client’s alternative, their client basically is telegraphic operation business. Connect company high level high to express to Tecent science and technology, “Its stop carry UMB ” the reason depends on just about, firm main client does not support. Under photograph comparing, wiMAX does not lack searcher, its figure once appeared in the many countries such as Korea, United States, Australia, but develop 3 fold, implement scale hard from beginning to end.

   At the beginning of 2008, one of first WiMAX operation business on the world, the HerveyBay of Australian BuzzBroadband company, shut its WiMAX network, let its technology stability become the controversy topic of industry. After a few months, sprint of American operation business announces to will establish a joint-stock company with Clearwire, will become independent operation WiMAX, let a thing appear again a favourable turn. Regretful is, this joint-stock company is mixed in AT&T of FCC there is later development from beginning to end below obstruct by every means. This year in Feburary, we wait those who come is the message that Intel stops pair of Clearwire to invest however, below the setting of global economy crisis, this lets the destiny take a sudden turn and become worse rapidly of WiMAX.

   Meanwhile, LTE was obtained in operation business however value generally with approbate actually, started business to use the deploy of the network. In January 2009, the whole world first LTE network begins deploy formally by TeliaSonera of business of boreal Europe operation, assuming what basically build is to love to stand letter and China for. According toResurgenceThe equipment business such as communication introduces, in internationally communication is exhibited on the meeting, coming from the important client of operation enterprise to use a process to the business of LTE also pay close attention to most.

“Cannot put the egg in same in basket! ” — choice of equipment business life and death

   At the beginning of 2009, sth resembling a net of boreal electrified wire netting announces to apply for to go bankrupt protection, this is considered as the tragedy that its pick wrong technology way and leads to very quickly. Because of not long ago, sth resembling a net of boreal electrified wire netting just also abandoned the collaboration that comes 3 years with Aoweitong very reluctantly.

   Will look at present, mainstream equipment manufacturer treats 3 kinds of 4G to await the manner that chooses a technology to be able to be divided it is two kinds.

   The first kind is single stake model, choose direction of some kind of technology to be thrown with all one’s strength only. Typical delegate, one is the boreal cable network of stake WiMAX, another love that is stake LTE establishs a letter. Who can laugh finally, from the result nature can see.

   The 2nd kind is compatible wrap model, “Do not put the egg in same in basket, it is the most reliable method. ” the research and development that a lot of manufacturers shared each technology, the amount of manufacturer of this kind of equipment is maximum, resurgence communication, China the delegate that be a technology is a model, of course, every manufacturer can have each when research and development emphasize particularly on. Will look at present, with China to be exemple, the investment on LTE still is his Chongzhongzhi is heavy. Motolora, Aerkatelang dispatch, NuojiyaThe manufacturer such as Xi Menzi also is emphasizing the advantage of its LTE respect ceaselessly recently. The plan that Motolora announces recently is to be in 1 year in take out business to use program.

   The rich that this is an all sorts of technologies weichis — the direction that choose a fault may mean annihilative blow. To equipment manufacturer, around client demand custom-built its equipment plan, it is lasting existent way. When the advantage of refer LTE, the expert expresses to Tecent science and technology, “This one technology is many communication manufacturer accumulates old technical standard, connect in interconnection each other, respect of sex of each other operation already special maturity, can saying is success will come when conditions are ripe, lowest of cost of research and development, industrial catenary form a complete set is the most mature also. ” to communication technology, the advantage of vivosphere of industrial catenary environment, market and technology is coequal and significant, if PHS is small well-informed those who be in our country is unripe be born not to cease, encounter ceaselessly like TD-SCDMA again short board, be in confirm this one truth.

The future that nots allow to miss — the Chinese opportunity of LTE times

   “When LTE plan can is business used? ” some high level is making an appointment with Chinese telecommunication when seeing some equipment business, raised the question that this one pressing longing knows without preamble. Be the market user ceaseless pursuit to rate, driving operation business to enlarge is allowed and upgrade existing network. Eventuate recombines in the telecommunication with old 2008 hearsay, 2009 beginning, of 3G license plate extend to also end. Next, 3 big operation business of our country care the first it is network construction, the 2nd it is technical gradual progress.

   In 2G times, GSM technology by European dominant, and CDMA technology patent masters in the United States to understand company hand high in. In 3G times, our country participated in the TD-SCDMA of research and development to let us see dawn of a gleam of. In coming 4G period, the business of a few operation of our country and industry and academy of informatization ministry telecommunication are advancing the research and development of LTE domain actively, if acquire more and patent share, the meaning of this one act depends on not only, can increase our country to counterpoise in the speech of communication domain, still can develop a batch of equipment companies that have exit actual strength.

   LTE is the long-term gradual progress of technology pointing to 3G, at present this one technology differs because of transmitting means and distinguish reach FDD for TDD two large a group of people of same interest, the TD-SCDMA technology of our country own research and development is belonged to former, direction of its gradual progress is TD-LTE, the FDD-LTE that Chinese shift hopes to be able to advance respect of this one gradual progress and internationalization realizes final confluence. If this one target comes true, chinese shift can win partial technology patent. The expert of telegraphic academy says to explanation of Tecent science and technology, our country a large number of effort were made in respect of 4G technology research and development, install special research group to drive. Mix as the broadbandMobile phoneThe frequent promotion of popularity rate, communication technology already became the infrastructure that matters to the national economy and the people’s livelihood, its autonomy criterion more deciding a country to be in information field is safe. “Eye wants more some more long-term, at present investment is for future. ” netizen of a Tecent is right of relevant news of a TD-LTE leave a message, let us see the countryman is in decide the sensible sex when communication technology.

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